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     ProtectoPak has been producing high-quality protective packaging since 1993.  We offer protection for a number of different collectibles, such as carded and opened, individual diecast cars and action figures.  Our products fit a variety of different brands, including Mattel®, Hot Wheels®, Johnny Lightning®, and more! 
     ProtectoPak products are made from one-piece construction from acid-free, 100% recyclable plastic materials.  Our products allow for ongoing storage for collections in an organized fashion, in addition to a great way to display and protect. 

     ProtectoPak was originally started and owned by Richard Adkins of Adkins Collectibles.  The family of products was designed by Adkins to offer collectors an affordable way to display and protect their collections.  Adkins Collectibles supplied these patented products directly to customers for years.  Global Thermoforming, Inc. was the manufacturer of the product, and when Adkins offered to sell ProtectoPak in 2006, Global Thermoforming, Inc. welcomed the opportunity. 

     In today's market collectors demand a method of storage display to house their collections.  Many of our products accommodate the original packaging of their products to maximize future value.  ProtectoPak brand products provide this safe and secure way to display, store, and protect your collectibles.

     ProtectoPak has been an original brand that collectors have relied on for their source of protective packaging for almost 20 years.  We will continue to develop products that the collector market requires.  If you have any inquiries or request further information about ProtectoPak, please call us at 1(877)492-2500 or send us an email at

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